Flyboarding is the latest extreme water sport. Your feet are attached to rails on flyboard, and the water is propelled through a hose at such high pressure that it launches you high into the air, or through the water. For the absolute best on flyboarding, check out H2RO Magazine.

Sex is no barrier in flyboarding. Here’s Kristen Smoyer, a 33-year old professional flyboarder who is ranked 1st among women in North America and 3rd in the World.

Flyboarding woman doing a flip with tall buildings in the background.

Here’s Gemma Weston, the top rated women’s flyboarder in the world, in front of King John’s Castle at the Limerick Riverfest that drew 50,000 visitors:

Woman skyboarding with a castle in the background.

Woman flyboarding high in the sky with a beautiful sky and castle in the background.

The lead image is by Francois Rigaud, a professional photographer with a love of all things water.