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Illustration of a penis with hypospadias showing the urethra exiting before the head of the penis.

Hypospadias explained

Hypospadias is one of the most common birth anomalies there is. It occurs in 1 out of every 125 to 250 boys, although mild forms of hypospadias may be even more common than this.

Hypospadias is a condition where the urethra doesn’t go to the end of the penis. The urethra is the tube inside the penis that urine and semen pass through. In mild cases of hypospadias, the urethra comes out near the end of the penis, but not quite. In more severe cases, it can come out anywhere from below the head of the penis to the area between the scrotum and anus which is called the anogential region.

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Most guys are not porn sized

The average erection is between 5.25 and 5.5 inches long.

Click the navigation for a slideshow of normal-sized men.

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Close up of a man's well-endowed crotch, with his thumb pulling down the waistband of his boxer briefs.

“Help! My boyfriend’s penis is HUGE.”

Dear Dr. Paul,

My new boyfriend is wonderful and I really want to have sex with him. But he’s huge—porn sized and then some. I’m only 5’ 2” and worried he won’t fit. I’ve had intercourse with other guys, with no problem, but he’s way bigger. Do you have any advice?


Dear Bambi,

Yes, I have advice.

One of the dumbest things that people tell women with partners who are really big is “a baby can pass through your vagina…” Seriously? Have you ever heard a woman in labor who’s trying to push a baby out? Intercourse isn’t supposed to be like that.

As for your height and weight, I’m not so sure that’s a determining factor. I interviewed a woman who is as petite as can be. Her husband’s penis is in the 98th percentile for size, and she’s never had any problem with intercourse. But another woman who is 5′ 10″ might have trouble with a penis that’s average size. So you can’t predict.

I am assuming you have had a recent exam and have talked to a gynecologist about this. If there is a source of pain that is independent of your partner’s penis, it is essential you resolve it first.

Then I would suggest you and Thor call it quits on any attempts at intercourse for the next month or two. There are lots of ways you can please each other sexually besides intercourse.

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Things My Dick Does

The website of the week… THINGS MY DICK DOES! Here are some of the clever posts from THINGS MY DICK DOES!

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