Women’s Masturbation

While there are many similarities between men’s and women’s masturbation, there are important differences, and that’s what this video is about. This video provides a helpful exploration of a subject that’s often difficult to discuss.

Why Most Women Don’t Like Men to Come in Their Face

“My boyfriend cums on my chest, and it turns me on in ways I’d have trouble describing. It puts me in an animal state of mind. But on my face? Egh… I don’t like it.” You’d never know it from watching porn, but most women don’t like it...

Sexting: Nudes vs. Dick Pics

Quid pro penis? What better way to prove that sex education doesn’t need to be boring than with this new video on sexting. It is fun, informative, and the perfect reprieve from the Impeachment Hearings. It also has suggestions for how men can up their sexting game.

How a Tipped Uterus Can Impact Sex

Women often assume there is something wrong with them if certain intercourse positions aren’t comfortable. This video shows why this is not true, and why it’s important for each couple to experiment and find which positions feel best for them—regardless of what you read about the latest and...

Sex in Porn vs. Real Life with Bob The Llama

”As a Human Sexuality educator at a community college, I find these videos to be a godsend for my students. The students look forward to watching them. They frequently comment how creative and educational they are and share them with their friends. Keep developing these videos from Bob...