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Nice black and white shot of an unmade bed.

A simple suggestion to help a guy get laid

Assuming she’s into you, your chances of getting laid will go way up if you have clean sheets and clean towels, a clean bathroom, and your dirty clothes aren’t all over the floor. You may not notice, but many women will.

Image from Our Public Privates.

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Three couples laughing, arm in arm, with the caption "Ideas for dates"

Date Idea: College Volleyball or Gymnastics

If there’s a college nearby with a volleyball or gymnastics team, you can take a date for a fun and not every expensive evening. These are two sports that will give you time to talk between the action, and are held indoors for winter.

Women gymnastics competitors and male volleyball players.

Bringing you a new dating idea every week.

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Image of a guy holding a condom with his pants unzipped.

Condom Sampler Packs

One of the best ways to get a condom that’s right for you and your partner is to try sampler packs. Here’s the most extensive list of links for condom sampler packs on the planet. Find a brand that works well for both of you, and stock up. (Never assume that one size or shape of condom is best for all.)

Also be aware that women can feel condoms, so be sure your partner is part of the selection process if you have a female partner.

If you or your partner is uncut, here’s an excellent video on how to put on a condom for men who are not circumcised.

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A woman holding two rolled condoms over her eyes and sticking her tongue out.

Women Don’t Like How Condoms Feel Any More Than Men Do

A lot of men don’t like the way condoms feel. But we assume this is not an issue for women.

Imagine my surprise at the groundswell of complaints I’ve received from women when I asked the following question on my sex survey: “Do condoms impact the sensation you receive from intercourse?” Here are fifteen of several hundred complaints from women about condoms:

“Condoms feel less intimate. I love the way the smooth, hard penis skin feels against my skin, but I can’t feel that with a condom. We use them anyway, though, because I don’t like the pill, and the intercourse still feels good.”

“I feel like I’ve tried just about every type of condom there is and they all limit sensation to one extent or another.”

“We now use the Nuvaring for birth control. But when we have used condoms, the sensation is much less sensitive, and I feel like there’s saran wrap between us. It simply doesn’t feel as good as skin on skin.”

“I have used condoms and honestly (although I would not say this to someone whose only option was condoms) it does make sex a little less intimate and less pleasurable for me.”

“When we don’t use condoms, it feels great. Maybe it’s partially psychological, but I enjoy feeling him inside me, uncovered. Also, him ejaculating inside of me is a sexual turn on.”

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Image showing the feet of a kissing couple with their clothes on the ground, and the caption "Our anonymous sex survey contains about 30 open ended questions. It lets me learn from you."

Take Our Sex Survey!

Some people say it’s the most interesting sex survey they’ve ever taken. The questions are all open-ended, so you give your opinion as opposed to “On a scale of 1 to 10…”

If you are a woman, CLICK HERE

If you are a man, CLICK HERE

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Close up of a man's well-endowed crotch, with his thumb pulling down the waistband of his boxer briefs.

“Help! My boyfriend’s penis is HUGE.”

Dear Dr. Paul,

My new boyfriend is wonderful and I really want to have sex with him. But he’s huge—porn sized and then some. I’m only 5’ 2” and worried he won’t fit. I’ve had intercourse with other guys, with no problem, but he’s way bigger. Do you have any advice?


Dear Bambi,

Yes, I have advice.

One of the dumbest things that people tell women with partners who are really big is “a baby can pass through your vagina…” Seriously? Have you ever heard a woman in labor who’s trying to push a baby out? Intercourse isn’t supposed to be like that.

As for your height and weight, I’m not so sure that’s a determining factor. I interviewed a woman who is as petite as can be. Her husband’s penis is in the 98th percentile for size, and she’s never had any problem with intercourse. But another woman who is 5′ 10″ might have trouble with a penis that’s average size. So you can’t predict.

I am assuming you have had a recent exam and have talked to a gynecologist about this. If there is a source of pain that is independent of your partner’s penis, it is essential you resolve it first.

Then I would suggest you and Thor call it quits on any attempts at intercourse for the next month or two. There are lots of ways you can please each other sexually besides intercourse.

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Things My Dick Does

The website of the week… THINGS MY DICK DOES! Here are some of the clever posts from THINGS MY DICK DOES!

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Sex Survey

During the past ten years, I have collected more than 10,000 sex surveys. Here’s one of many that says a great deal:


I am totally straight, though I sometimes consider that to be limiting. I’ve had crushes on lesbian women in the past (oddly never straight women) but have never acted on it, and never fantasized about anything beyond kissing. I’m just not interested in vaginas. I had a friend in college who I was always drawn to. I would have dreams of kissing her but never did. She had a boyfriend at the time, and only years later came out. I tend to have crushes on lesbians rather than straight girls, especially the more boyish ones.

I’ve currently been in a relationship with a man for six months. Despite being sexually active for half of my life, this is the best sex I’ve ever had. We see each other three or four times a week and have sex each time.

We do masturbate in front of each other. The look on his face when I touch myself is like a catalyst.

I really like my current partner’s penis. It’s that magical size/shape where it fits just right everywhere. Just hits my G-spot, makes a perfect mouthful, and I think it’s going to be just the right size for anal sex when we start to have it.

My labia minora are on the larger side and slightly uneven. I certainly wouldn’t mind if they were even! However, they aren’t large enough to cause an unsightly bulge in a bikini or to get in the way while I’m exercising, and my boyfriend insists that I am physically perfect, so I would never get labiaplasty.

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The Lowdown on Shaving Pubic Hair

The gynecologists who consult for my book have no problem with women removing their pubic hair—it’s how they do it that’s often the problem.

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  • Close up view of a woman's genitals, showing the difference between the urethra and the vagina.
  • Close up image showing how urine comes out of the urethra.

Female Anatomy

This guy’s either watched too much porn or not enough. But it’s not an uncommon question.

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Average penis size is smaller than many men think

Based on studies of 15,521 penises, the average length of an erect penis is about 5.25 to 5.5 inches. This means a penis that is 7 inches when erect is in the upper 97th percentile (out of 100 men, it would be among the longest 3 to 5). The average circumference is 4.5 inches.

For the latest and greatest penis-size study from the British Journal of Urology, CLICK HERE.

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Sex in water often needs lube

Water washes away natural lubrication and can make sex feel dry. This includes sex in hot tubs, pools, bath tubs, rivers, lakes, the ocean and even the shower.

So contrary to what you would think, sex in water often requires adding sex lube. The best lubes for sex in water are silicone-based. Silicone-based lubes don’t wash away. Put the lube on a penis or dab some in a vagina before you get into the water.

Warning: Silicone-based lubes can make shower floors slick as ice. To help prevent dangerous slips, apply it before you get into the shower.

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