Illustration of a penis with hypospadias showing the urethra exiting before the head of the penis.

Hypospadias explained

Hypospadias is one of the most common birth anomalies there is. It occurs in 1 out of every 125 to 250 boys, although mild forms of hypospadias may be even more common than this.

Hypospadias is a condition where the urethra doesn’t go to the end of the penis. The urethra is the tube inside the penis that urine and semen pass through. In mild cases of hypospadias, the urethra comes out near the end of the penis, but not quite. In more severe cases, it can come out anywhere from below the head of the penis to the area between the scrotum and anus which is called the anogential region.

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A couple with one partner tenderly kissing the other on the neck.

Is kissing more intimate than intercourse?

Kissing a partner on the lips often makes more of an emotional statement than kissing him or her on the genitals, even if the latter usually feels better. Perhaps this is why when a relationship starts to go sour, couples will usually stop kissing on the lips long before they stop having intercourse.

There are reasons why kissing can be more intimate than getting into a partner’s pants. From the moment we are born, most of us are kissed by moms, dads, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and anyone else whose approaching lips we can’t successfully dodge. Being kissed symbolizes a profound love that we hopefully come into the world experiencing.

Another reason for the added power of kissing is so many of the major senses—vision, smell, hearing, and taste—have their outlets on the human face. Not to mention the lips and skin are exquisitely sensitive to touch. The face is so full of sensory centers that we have terms such as “You’re in my face” or “Get out of my face” to express annoyance or social discomfort.

Guys will worry about the size of their penises when they should be worrying about how well they kiss.

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Photo of a guy wearing a cap who is giving a woman oral sex.

Her first time receiving oral sex

A young woman’s answer to our sex survey question “Please describe one or two of your best sexual experiences”:

“The first time my boyfriend went down on me, I was caught completely off guard. We had been making out and he had been fingering me. When he asked if he should keep going I said, ‘Yes,’ thinking he meant doing the same. Then he began pulling down my pants and underwear and I remember thinking that I didn’t expect that but I didn’t want him to stop. As it was happening, I realized it was the first time I’d ever been naked in front of someone this way, and I instinctively covered my face with my hands. I suddenly felt overexposed. When I looked at him, he smiled at me—sweetly, reassuringly, making sure I was still okay. As he started going down I remember thinking, ‘Is this really happening?!’ The sensation was alien. The novelty of the situation prevented me from fully appreciating the sexual stimulation. But the emotional intimacy was so electric and pure that the experience was transcendent and will stay with me always.”

This very cool image is of Karly and Sean from the What You See Fit Tumblr.

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  • A woman's pubic hair protruding above the water while she's in the bath.
  • Looking between a man’s legs who is sitting and who has no shortage of pubic hair.
  • The profile of a woman from the navel to the knees who is laying on a bed with one of her legs bent at the knee, showing her pubic hair.
  • A close up of a woman's pubic hair reflecting on a dark background.

Contrary to what many young adults assume, it’s normal to have pubic hair

The people in slideshow above are from the Tumblr Slide To Unlock. They are a creative couple from the UK who have been married for more than ten years. They created their Tumblr as a chronicle of their sex life.

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Couple kissing and embracing in the shower.

Sex in the shower—Best Advice Ever!

GET GRIPPER BARS! Get ADA approved gripper bars for shower sex. The person on the receiving end can lean forward and grab the bars, making shower sex safer and more fun.

These bars start at less than $25: Moen 8942 Home Care 42-Inch Grab Bar Stainless 42 inches (4.8 out of 5 stars from 158 reviews on Amazon, but none mention sex). Also: Moen 8736 Home Care 36-Inch Grab Bar, Stainless , 18″ to 42,” (4.8 out of 5 stars from 322 reviews, but none mention sex).

The Moen Saftey Bars are rated at 500 lbs. pull strength and are ADA compliant—not that the ADA rates equipment for shower sex.

Also, if you are using a silicone-based lube, be sure to put it on while you are standing over a towel. One drop of silicone-based lube on a wet shower floor and you might as well be on slick ice.

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A couple laying next to each other, with she reading a book and having one hand casually in his sweatpants, and he looking at his laptop with one hand on her leg.


What a great way to study or just spend time together. You don’t have to be humping like bunnies to enjoy each other.

This image is from the Of the Moon and Sea Tumblr.

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An Unusual Sex Survey

We’ve now collected more than 11,000 of your sex surveys. The men’s survey answers are often predictable. That’s why this survey stood out as being unusual.

This man likes having sex with women, but he is aroused by looking at penises. He posts photos of his own penis online every day. He also enjoys transgender porn and cock’n’ball torture. So if you’re a guy who is into the things this man is, you can take solace in knowing that you’re not alone.

A 32-Year Old Man

I am a sperm-donor baby and never knew my father.

I grew up identifying as straight and have only had physical/romantic relationships with women. But now I consider myself “open to all options” and have been interacting more erotically with men in online forums. I am still strongly attracted to women, but I also find men’s genitals incredibly arousing.

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A split image, with the top side showing a sandwich piled high with bean sprouts, and the lower side with semen on a man's abdomen with a finger in the middle of it. The caption reads "sprouts versus semen."

Is semen safer to eat than sprouts?

The nation’s most prominent food safety-lawyer has made a list of the six foods he will never eat. This guy has sued Chili’s, Chi-Chi’s, Chipotle, Costco, ConAgra, Dole, KFC, McDonald’s, Odwalla, Sizzler, Taco Bell and Wendy’s. He clearly knows his food borne bacteria.

High on his list of the most dangerous foods are raw bean sprouts—including alfalfa, mung beans, clover and radish sprouts. These can make you very sick due to bacterial contamination of their seeds.

Bean sprouts smell like semen and semen smells like bean sprouts. That’s because they both contain a chemical called spermine. But it seems like semen is safer to swallow. However, in the overall scheme of things, French kissing is probably a more frequent source of disease transmission than swallowing semen or eating sprouts.

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Image showing two couples intertwined in their underwear.

What is polyamory?

Polyamory is when a relationship involves more than two people, with the consent of everyone involved. Polyamory is a broad term which can include group relationships, or it can be a single person who chooses to have multiple relationships without an agreement of monogamy. The relationships often include friendship, love, and emotional commitment in addition to sex.

Polyamory is different from swinging. Swinging is where primary couples switch partners while everyone is in the same location. Swinging is usually more about recreational sex, while people who are into polyamory share emotional as well as sexual feelings.

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Blurry image of a naked man with an inset of a microscope view of mycoplasma genitalium.

A new STI that should make you want to use condoms

There’s a recently discovered sexually transmitted infection called Mycoplasma genitalium. It was first discovered in 1980, but researchers weren’t even sure it was an STI for several years. It is extremely small and difficult to culture, and there are no approved tests to detect it.

Some of the challenges scientists have faced with Mycoplasma genitalium are similar to the story of the blind men and the elephant. But unlike the elephant, which is one of the largest living creatures, this new STI is one of the smallest living organisms ever discovered. It has the shortest genetic code of any single-cell organism that is capable of self-replication, yet it can cause a man’s urethra to become chronically inflamed and make his penis constantly drip. Or it may be able to attach to a sperm and get a free ride up a woman’s fallopian tubes where it could possibly give her pelvic inflammatory disease.

A considerable problem in treating Mycoplasma genitalium is that it doesn’t have a cell wall. Most antibiotics work by attacking a protein in the bacteria’s cell wall. So if there’s no cell wall, there are fewer ways to kill the bacteria. Drinking a Slurpee at 7-11 would be as effective in fighting this bacteria as most front line antibiotics.

Another problem is how this new STI is quickly becoming resistant to the few treatments we do have. So if you are having casual sex or you are not exclusive, be sure to use condoms.

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A photo of Olympic medalist Gus Kenworthy.

Olympic Champion Gus Kenworthy Comes Out

Gus Kenworthy, who was an olympic freestyle skiing medalist at the 2014 Sochi Games, came out as being gay last December.

Kenworthy told Us Magazine, “I used to hook up with girls to be cool with the guys; there were times I would cry afterwards.” (Some of the women he dated included Miley Cyrus and figure skater Gracie Gold.)

“I was worried I’d be known as ‘the gay skier’… and everything else about me would be overlooked.” Nothing of the sort happened. Friends and family have been incredibly supportive.

Kenworthy says it’s insane how many gay athletes have since come out to him, several who are still closeted. Because he competes in such a rugged action sport, he feels like he is helping battle gay stereotypes.

From US Magazine. From Pink News.

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Man on moisture wicking boxer briefs and woman athlete in moisture wicking uniform.

Moisture Wicking Underwear and Sportswear

We’ve always been told that cotton is best, especially for the crotches of women’s underwear. But that’s no longer the case now that we have third generation mositure-wicking fabrics.

Moisture wicking fabrics are much thinner than cotton. They are designed with special fibers that whisk moisture and sweat away from your skin and distribute it over the outer surface of the fabric, where it can dry quickly. This is very different from cotton, which holds moisture in the center of the fabric and takes a long time to dry.

Moisture wicking fabric also has antibacterial properties. That’s because it dries quickly so bacteria can’t form inside of it like it does inside of cotton — so your underwear is less likely to smell like the inside of a boys’ high school locker room.

Young man with a very sweaty teeshirtCotton holds sweat like this.

Thanks to The Underwear Expert for an explanation of moisture wicking material.

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