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You’ll Love Our Videos!

“I just watched this video and loved it! It’s wonderful!  Super comprehensive and engaging. This is so needed.” —Heather McPherson M.A., LPC-S, LMFT, Southwest Sexual Health Alliance

“Awesome! Great info, and I love the editing.” —Dr. Jill McDevitt,

“This is one of the best videos I have reviewed in years on the role of the clitoris in sex.” —Dr. Michael Perelman, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Reproductive Medicine, and Urology at the NY Weill Medical College of Cornell University, former President of The Society for Sex Therapy and Research and a Fellow of the Sexual Medicine Society of North America.

RESOURCES for “A Woman’s Guide To Men’s Foreskins”

To see two different ways of putting on condoms for guys with foreskins, check out the Love Your Condom website that is produced by the New Zealand AIDS Foundation: Click Here


Most of the foreskins in the video on foreskins are from the porn Tumblers listed below. These are highly explicit sites with a nearly endless supply of dick pics. But it’s almost impossible to find a wide range of foreskin images aside from these Tumblrs, and I thank the men who posted.

The cool image of the frenulum is from this page at Deviant Art.

The still images for the retraction section are from By Olaf H. (own work / self made) Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons.

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