A phone in front of a man's briefs showing a close up of semen and sperm on its display.

A new fertility test lets men check their sperm by phone

Currently, if a man needs to have his fertility checked, he goes to a special lab where he has to masturbate to provide a fresh sample of semen for analysis.

This will be changing in the next year or two, because a researcher from Japan has devised a way of doing male fertility tests by phone.

A man who needs to have his fertility checked will put a newly invented $10 lens over the camera on his phone. He’ll masturbate in the privacy of his home and then do a video of his semen with his phone. To have the test performed, he’ll upload the video to a center that does sperm analysis. So without ever leaving home, men will soon be able to have their fertility checked by phone.

The researcher who invented the process is now perfecting the new lens. Field testing is currently being done with results that are almost as good as if a man went to a fertility lab and had his semen examined in person.

A big thanks to Steve Dr. Sperm Schrader for the alert, to Gabby Bess for her post in Broadly, and to Dr. Yoshitomo Kobori for his brilliant new invention. Dr. Kobori’s interest is particularly compelling in Japan, where male fertility has plummeted. Making babies in Japan has become a challenge for many couples.

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