We’ve always been told that cotton is best, especially for the crotches of women’s underwear. But that’s no longer the case now that we have third generation mositure-wicking fabrics.

Moisture wicking fabrics are much thinner than cotton. They are designed with special fibers that whisk moisture and sweat away from your skin and distribute it over the outer surface of the fabric, where it can dry quickly. This is very different from cotton, which holds moisture in the center of the fabric and takes a long time to dry.

Moisture wicking fabric also has antibacterial properties. That’s because it dries quickly so bacteria can’t form inside of it like it does inside of cotton — so your underwear is less likely to smell like the inside of a boys’ high school locker room.

Young man with a very sweaty teeshirtCotton holds sweat like this.

Thanks to The Underwear Expert for an explanation of moisture wicking material.