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  • Young elk calf nursing on its mother.
  • Young elk calf in our pasture.
  • Two young elk calves sniffing each other's noses.
  • Two young elk calves, both looking at the same thing.
  • Elk calf and mother.
  • Elk calf and mom looking at each other over a fence.
  • Elk cow nose to nose with elk calf.
  • Elk calf and cow.

Elk in our pasture

My wife took these photos of elk in our pasture. The calves are quite young and still have their spots. The spots disappear when they are just a few months old.

Two young elk calves in our pasture looking at Joe Llama.

These young elk are trying to make sense of Joe Llama. Our llamas and the elk graze together when the elk are passing through.

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