The world record height for cliff diving is 192 feet. There are only about 30 professional cliff divers in the world. So you’re dealing with an elite group when you get into the ranks of those who do the RedBull competitions.

If this were Huffpo, we’d be interested in total body impact when a man hits the water at 60 mph while accelerating from a hight of 27 meters.  But given the site you’re on, let’s focus on what happens to a guy’s testicles. According to world class cliff diver Steven LoBue, “I almost always seem to tag one side or the other. sometimes, even after a good dive, I’ll exit and feel my left nut on fire.”

Considering that athletic injuries are one of the top causes of sterility in young men, I can’t help but wonder if cliff divers end up having issues with fertility.

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Cliffdiver soon after his leap from a platform taken with the fisheye lens.

Cliffdiving in Cuba.