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Guide To Getting It On

Cover "Guide To Getting It On"

Winner of Seven Awards – Translated into 14 Languages

“One of the few books about sex that you actually want to sit down and read.” — Playboy Magazine

“It’s hard to describe the impact of the book, but it was deep and vast. The ‘Guide To Getting It On’ was my book of common prayer…” — Joshua David Stein, The Daily Beast

“You’ve never read a manual as warm, friendly, liberating, thorough, and potentially sex-life-changing as the Guide to Getting It On! Neither had anyone in our office–which may be why our copies keep disappearing.” — Oprah Magazine

“If you’re going to own just one instructional book about sex, this is the one.” — Women’s Health Magazine–Sex Awards

“In our vast library of sex books, this is by far and away the most human, enlightening and entertaining read of the lot. I’ll be recommending it until my keyboard wears out.” Cosmopolitan Magazine UK

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