More girls than you would ever imagine made their Barbie Dolls have sex. Learn about the fascinating history of Barbie and marvel at the ingenuity of our readers whose Barbies were no strangers to sexual exploits, which ranged from vanilla to kink, group sex and BDSM.

Here’s a small sample of some of the reader comments that you will find in this free chapter:

“I had lots of Barbies. She and my giant panda bear got naked and ‘did it,’ and my sister and I dressed her up in Ken’s clothes. Unfortunately, you can’t dress up Ken in Barbie’s clothes. We tried.” female age 18

“My Barbie had Ken on her ALL the time. If I knew then what I know now, Barbie would have been on top more often.” female age 44

“My basement was a temple to Barbie and all her relatives. Barbie lived in a soap opera complete with abortions, sex changes, and adultery. She and Ken frequently got naked in their Laura Ashley canopy bed.” female age 24

“Barbie and Ken had a very active relationship and ‘sex’ life. It’s hard to say it was a sex life without any genitalia. I guess I used them to emulate the adults around me. Barbie and Ken often went skinny dipping at the ocean, and slept nude most times.” female age 35

“My friend had a Ken and we used to make them have sex by making their little plastic bodies rub against each other when they were lying in Barbie’s little nylon bed. We were about ten and were disappointed that Ken’s underwear was glued on.” female age 22

“You know those parts in movies that parents were always trying to hide from younger children? I got a slight peek one day, but all I saw were sheets moving. After I saw that, Barbie and Ken made those sounds and simulated those actions. But I wasn’t sure what they were really doing.” female age 22

“She had kinky fantasies and a lot of BDSM. Barbie was a fun girl.” female age 18

“Not Barbies but definitely with my Lego men. Don’t ask me why, but those spacemen certainly had interesting encounters when I sent them on missions. I was pretty inventive for a 7-year-old.” female age 19

“There was one summer when I was fairly obsessed with the fact that Ken had no dick. Beach Ken had a totally inaccurately placed suggestion of one, but no balls.”  female age 21

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