I decided to enter some of my favorite recipes in our county fair, but I only had one day to bake. So I started baking at 7:00 am and was at the fairgrounds by 5:00 pm. But at about 2 pm, the curd for my lemon meringue pie refused to set and became lemon meringue soup, and my Caribbean Rum Cake would not release from its bundt pan.

After having spent seven straight hours in a whirlwind of flour, butter and eggs, I became extremely discouraged and decided to give up on the fair. Fortunately, after sitting down and catching my breath, I managed to push through the negativity and focused on finishing what I could. As you can see from the ribbons that my one day of baking received at the county fair, it’s good that I didn’t let my despair get the better of me.

As I’ve learned many times in life—whether it’s baking, getting an advanced degree or publishing a book or a video, the road to success is often lined with frustration and discouragement. For most of the things I have succeeded at, I have thought of quitting several times along the way.