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About Dr. Paul

Paul Joannides, Psy.D. is a research psychoanalyst. He has been on the editorial boards of the Journal of Sexual Medicine and the American Journal of Sexuality Education. He is a member of the International Society for Sexual Medicine and the International Society for the Study of Women’s Sexual Health. He was presented with the Professional Standard of Excellence Award by the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists.

Paul has given the opening keynote address for the Planned Parenthood National Sex Education Conference and the Oregon Adolescent Sexuality Conference. The NCAA approved him to speak to college athletes on sexuality as part of their speaker’s grant program. He has been invited to speak at Dartmouth, Yale, Tufts, Lehigh, Rice, Middlebury, East Carolina University, North Carolina State University, the University of California at Santa Barbara, and to the OB/GYN residents at one of the US Army’s largest teaching hospitals.

Paul is the author of the Guide To Getting It On, an award-winning book on sex that’s been used in dozens of college sex-education courses and has won praise in Oprah Magazine, Playboy and Rolling Stone. Paul’s blog at Psychology Today has had received almost 5 million views, and he is the author of The Challenging Landscape of Problematic Sexual Behaviors, Including ‘Sexual Addiction’ and ‘Hypersexuality’ in New Directions in Sex Therapy, 2nd edition, (Kleinplatz)The Luxury of Intersectionality in Taking Sides: Clashing Views in Human Sexuality (McKee, Gilbert and Galarza) and One Million Moms vs. The Boy Scouts — Intolerance of Biblical Proportions in The Bilerico Project. 

Paul runs the Alsea Bay Llama Rescue with his wife, Toni. Several of the nature pics on this site are from the coast of Oregon, where Paul and his family live and have rescued more than 50 llamas. He occasionally bakes, and his cheesecake won ‘Best of Division’ at the Oregon State Fair.

Paul’s Videos

“As a Human Sexuality educator at a community college, I find these videos to be a godsend for my students. The students look forward to watching them. They frequently comment how creative and educational they are and share them with their friends.” —Janet Minehan, Ph.D., Santa Barbara Community College

“One of the best series of sex-ed videos out there.” —David Ley PhD., author The Myth of Sex Addiction

“I have taught HLTH 2050 Sexual Health to over 500 students each year at East Carolina University for over 15 years. I use Dr. Joannides’ book, the Guide to Getting It On, as my textbook, and his videos have become a mainstay of my course. I use all of them. I either assign them as homework or show them in class. There is nothing like them on the web today. He has managed to do the impossible… produce research-based sex-ed videos that are also highly entertaining to college students. —Karen Vail-Smith, East Carolina University

“Brilliant! Keep the helpful information coming!” —Michele Sugg, MSW, past president, American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists

“The “Guide to Getting it On” has long been my favorite sex-ed book, so when I heard Dr. Joannides had a YouTube Channel, I knew it would be fantastic, and indeed it is! I plan to show many of these videos in my Psychology of Human Sexuality class at the University of Florida. I am especially glad for the video Sex in Porn vs. Real Life, as this is a critically important topic for my class and they way it is conveyed is outstanding.” —Laurie Mintz, Ph.D., Univ. of Florida, author Becoming Cliterate

About the Book

Covers of earlier editions of the "Guide To Getting It On"Covers of earlier editions of the “Guide To Getting It On”


“One of the few books about sex that you actually want to sit down and read.” – Playboy Magazine

“If you’re going to own just one book about sex, this is the one.” – Women’s Health Magazine

“You’ve never read a manual as warm, friendly, liberating, thorough, and potentially sex-life-changing as the Guide to Getting It On! Neither had anyone in our office — which may be why our copies keep disappearing.” – Oprah Magazine

“10 Books Sex Experts Wish Everyone Would Read” Cosmopolitan.com

“This is ‘the Bible’ you want for everything you want to know or ever wanted to know about sex, sexuality, and everything in between. The book [truly] describes every aspect of sex that you were ever interested in learning about.” – Cosmopolitan

When I first wrote the Guide To Getting It On, no publisher wanted it because they said it wasn’t enough like the “Joy of Sex,” which was how all sex books were supposed to be at the time. The book also had a sense of humor, and America’s publishers believed that sex and humor were not good companions. So I started my own publishing company. Within the first year, the Guide To Getting It On was winning awards. It has now been used in several college sex-ed courses and in medical schools. It has been translated into fourteen different languages. Twenty-five years later, I’m working on the 10th edition.

Some of the covers of the foreign translations of the "Guide To Getting It On"Covers of foreign translations of the “Guide To Getting It On”