Shows the feet of a couple having sex from the perspective of the foot of the bed, with the person on top wearing funny socks.

How To Cure a Noisy Bed

Let’s say you just moved back home with your mom and dad and the last thing you want is for the whole house to know when you’re having sex thanks to a squeaky bed.

This is easier said than done, given how intercourse can turn a bed into a battering ram. The entire bed will sway toward the foot with each out-thrust and toward the head with each in-thrust. So if it’s hitting the wall, try moving the bed away from the wall. If that doesn’t work, stabilize it by cramming pillows or gasket-like material between the headboard and the wall.

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Couple in bed, his erection is making a tent in the sheets.

For Guys Who Are Uncut: Putting on a Condom

Here’s the best video I’ve ever seen on different ways of putting on a condom for guys who are uncircumcised. They show a method we never see here in the States for men whose foreskins are long or whose foreskins don’t retract.

This video is from a great site in New Zealand that’s for gay guys called Love Your Condom from the Ending HIV group. Hopefully, you won’t have a problem with that if you’re straight. And if you do, sorry mate. While www.Guide2Getting.com is for men and women who have sex with each other, we encourage 100% respect for men who have sex with men and women who have sex with women.

This site also has the best how-to videos you’ll find on how to have anal sex, which are just as helpful for straight couples as gay couples: How To Have Anal Sex.

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A baseball player being hit in the crotch with a ball, with the caption "Wear a cup if you want to have children some day" and "Cup technology has come a long way."

A Leading Cause of Infertility in Young Men Is…

One of the leading causes of infertility in young men is athletic injuries. Fortunately, there’s a new generation of cups you can try, in addition to comfortable compression shorts to hold them in place. You probably won’t find the coolest of cups at your local Target, Walmart, or sporting goods store chain, but that shouldn’t stop you. Spend some time on the following websites and find a cup that will work best for you, your sport, and the position you play.

The Spider Guard Cup, designed by an engineer who creates medical equipment. His teenage son was a shortstop who wouldn’t wear cups because they were so uncomfortable. So he studied the physics of testicle injuries and came up with an entirely new concept in cup design.

Shock Doctor’s new AirCore Soft Cup and AirCore Hard Cup are pretty cool, unless you are playing catcher or goalie, in which case you’ll want nothing short of their Titan Alloy Cup.

2 Mistakes Men Make When Kissing Women

Learn how to up your kissing game with this helpful and highly entertaining video from Dr. Paul and Bob the Llama. There is also an important discussion about consent that every person with a penis should pay close attention to.

You can see all of our videos HERE!

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A Barbie like nurse with her plastic arms pulling apart a real human foreskin.

“My boyfriend’s foreskin hurts when I touch it”

Dr. Paul

My boyfriend and I have not had sex, but when I’ve touched his foreskin he says it hurts him. If I retract the skin its too much for him, it hurts. But when I don’t, he doesn’t feel anything. He hasn’t had sex with anyone. I will be his first. He masturbates with the skin all the way up. It never seems to retract. Honestly, I’ve been doing most of the research and he doesn’t know what the problem is. I think it may be mild phimosis.

YouTube viewer of Your Video “A Woman’s Guide To Men’s Foreskins”

Dear YouTube Viewer,

It’s never a good sign when you’re the one having to figure out what’s going on with a boyfriend’s penis!

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The family wiener dog is running through the kitchen with the daughter's vibrator in its mouth as parents look on in surprise.

Having Sex When You Are Living with Your Parents

It used to be that most young adults either got married soon after college or they shared a place with roommates. But that has changed, and it’s changed in a big way. Researchers have found that more young adults are living with their parents than ever before.

Click Here for the FREE CHAPTER: “Sex after You Move Back Home” from the Guide To Getting It On. It’s the ultimate guide for adult children who are living at home with their parents, and for their parents as well! This chapter covers the issues and solutions for dealing with sex under your parents’ roof.

Couple having sex in living room caught by surprise as parents suddenly arrive home.

Illustrations are by the amazing Daerick Gross Sr.

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B-Boy breaker at world hip hop competition

Amazing Athletes at the UK B-Boy Championships

Hip Hop dancers from all over the world took part in this year’s UK B-Boy Championships. This image is of Neguin, a member of the Red Bull BC One All Stars, the team that won the 2016 competition.

B-boy stands for ‘Break Boy’ and B-girl stands for ‘Break Girl.’ These terms evolved in the early 70’s when Dj Kool Herc would play the parts of songs where there were no lyrics—just the beat. These were called the breakbeats. The young men and women who danced to the breakbeats were called “B-Boys” and “B-Girls.” In time, they would add moves from mixed martial arts to their breaking.

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Anemone at our local Oregon Coast Acquarium

Anemones—Sex Maniacs of the Sea

This anemone lives at the Oregon Coast Aquarium, which is about 20 minutes from where we live. (My wife, Toni, snapped this with her iPhone.)

I couldn’t help but wonder if anemones are all one sex, or if there are males and females. That’s when I learned there are not only male and female anemones, but a small number of hermaphrodite anemones as well. I also discovered that anemones have gonads and they are hornier than their majestic little tentacles might lead you to think.

Anemones reproduce both sexually (egg and sperm) and asexually, which would be the human equivalent of creating a child each time you masturbated—a sobering thought if there ever was one.

Anemones that are created with sperm and egg are more diverse and probably hardier because they receive genes from two different parents. Anemones that are created asexually have zero diversity. They are an exact clone of the mother ship. But reproducing asexually is the better option when anemones need to rapidly populate an area because, like masturbation, asexual reproduction requires no partner and no need to shave or shower first.

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Woman in pain

When Sex Always Hurts

Between 5% and 10% of women in their teens, twenties and thirties experience pain when they have intercourse. This free chapter from the Guide To Getting It On describes how this kind of chronic pain differs from pain due to rushed or clumsy lovemaking, and describes some of the strategies that are used to help combat it.

CLICK HERE to download this free chapter on Chronic Sexual Pain from the Guide To Getting It On.

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Extreme closeup of a burning eyeball

“Why does my BF’s semen burn when it gets in my eyes?”

Dear Dr. Paul,

Why does my BF’s semen burn when it gets in my eyes?


Dear Iris,

In a word: Spermine. Spermine is a chemical that’s in semen. It is made by the prostate gland. It’s what gives semen its characteristic bleachy smell.

The material safety data sheet for commercially produced spermine says:

Danger! Corrosive. Causes eye and skin burns. May cause severe respiratory-tract irritation with possible burns. May cause severe digestive-tract irritation with possible burns. May cause central- nervous-system effects. May cause cardiac disturbances. Causes eye burns. May cause chemical conjunctivitis and corneal damage. Causes skin burns.

While the concentration of spermine in semen isn’t nearly as high as when you purchase the raw chemical, it’s high enough to make your eyes sting. Also, semen can be a bit alkaline, which could cause irritation. There may be other things in semen that cause eyeballs to burn, but the main culprit is most likely spermine.

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A woman in front of her computer with her pants down. Her computer is surrounded by a pile of dirt.

When women watch porn

Plenty of women watch porn, but not as often as men. Also, the porn images that women masturbate to can be different from those that men prefer.

Researchers are finding that women tend to prefer porn GIFs instead of videos. GIFs are brief animations that last only a few seconds and keep repeating. The GIFs are just as explicit as the porn men watch, but because they are so brief, there is less chance they contain material that women find offensive.

It’s also possible that women prefer to watch Tumblr porn, which is often made of stills or GIFs that couples make of their own sex lives.

Regardless of their sexual orientation, a lot of women who watch porn enjoy gay male porn as opposed to mainstream straight porn. They can enjoy watching the sex without having to identify with porn actresses, who they can tell are often faking it, or are mostly there for the pleasure of men.

Image by Dany Peschl from his Disturbation Project.

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