Don’t forget the condoms!

Whiskey Dick, is it real?

It takes way more alcohol to keep a good dick down than was previously thought. (more…)

Semen volume?

Relationship advice…

Gross question of the week…

GROSS QUESTION OF THE WEEK:  My boyfriend loves to give me oral sex when I’m having my period. (No vampire jokes, please!) Is this normal? Is it safe for him?

ANSWER: One of the tips I offer in my book’s chapter on periods is for a woman to use an Instead menstrual cup to catch period flow so her partner can give her oral sex without getting red wings or a period-flow facial.

It wasn’t long before I heard from an enraged male reader telling me what a moron I am for implying there is something wrong with chowing down on a woman’s period flow, that I must be a pimp for the period gear companies, and why don’t I just advocate for the return of menstrual huts… So your boyfriend is not alone.

I hope you’ll smile at being one of the few women who can look forward to her period for something other than reassurance that she’s not pregnant. And I think you should set up a period-tracker app on your BFs phone. Imagine the gigantic boner he’ll get when it sends an alert that your period is about to begin!

As for health issues, I can’t see any problems for him or you unless you have HIV or another bloodborne disease.

It’s okay to tell him ‘No’

It’s Hump Day!

For a brighter morning, improve your angle the night before

Join the national crusade!

No pills, and nothing to remember or forget

Your girlfriend’s uterus, vagina and bladder, courtesy of the TSA

Transportation Security Administration imaging information. image of a TSA airport scanner

Enough with the anal sex obsession!

How warm and cold impact the scrotum

It’s the cremaster and dartos muscles that cause the testicles to raise and lower. See this post for an explanation of how they work.

Images from WikiMedia Commons.

Watch your boyfriend’s testicles raise up when you caress his inner thighs

Testicles move closer to the body when they are too cold, and further from the body when they are too warm. They also move closer to the body when a man ejaculates. In some men, they move so close to the body during ejaculation that they almost seem to disappear.

There are two different muscle groups that help raise and lower the testicles: the cremaster (skeletal muscle) and the dartos (smooth muscle).

Cremasters  Each testicle has its own cremaster muscle. The cremasters begin in the abdomen. They hoist and lower each testicle like the chain on wrecking ball or the chord of a chandelier. When they are activated by cold or ejaculation, the cremaster muscles quickly draw the testicles closer to the body.

If you want to make your boyfriend’s balls go up and down, try running your fingertips along the skin of his inner thigh. This will trigger the cremasteric reflex, which should cause at least some upward movement of the testicle on that side of his body.

Dartos  The dartos is a very different type of muscle than the cremaster. It is actually a sheet of smooth muscle that runs along the wall of the scrotum. It makes the scrotum cradle the testicles like a pair of hands that slowly draws the testicles into and away from the body.

When the testicles are cold, the dartos contracts, making the skin of the scrotum pucker up. This reduces the surface area of the scrotum so less heat can escape. When the testicles are hot, the dartos relaxes. This lowers the testicles away the body and increases the surface area of the scrotum so more heat can escape.

The cremasters work quickly, while the dartos muscles work much more slowly.

A special thanks to Dr. Claire Yang. 

It’s warm, wet and usually private…

We make assumptions about men that we don’t about women

Keepin’ it mutual is always best

Facts about women’s breasts you might not be aware of

More than 90% of women have breasts that are asymmetrical. It is usually the left breast that’s larger. In almost 25% of women, the larger breast is at least one cup size bigger than the other breast. This would be one reason why bra shopping can be a challenge.

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Don’t forget the condoms!

You can’t tell anything about penis size based on other body parts

This week’s best kiss

You can take the man off the farm, but not the…

Hypospadias is a very common male birth defect

Hypospadias is a condition where the urethra (the tube a guy pees through) doesn’t go to the end of the penis. In mild cases, it comes out near the end of the penis, but not quite. In more severe cases, it can come out anywhere from below the head of the penis to the scrotum. (more…)

It’s Hump Day!

Women’s masturbation can be more complex than men’s

From our sex survey–orgasms during intercourse

Back in school?

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A woman from our sex survey: “I wish I’d known how broad the range of experience is for orgasm in women”

Guys describe how their waking-up vs. hot-for-you erections feel

Men’s early morning erections can be confusing for female partners, because most women assume that erections are a result of sexual arousal. Otherwise, why would a man have one? (more…)

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