It’s Hump Day!

Women’s masturbation can be more complex than men’s

From our sex survey–orgasms during intercourse

Back in school?

See you Monday!

A woman from our sex survey: “I wish I’d known how broad the range of experience is for orgasm in women”

Guys describe how their waking-up vs. hot-for-you erections feel

Men’s early morning erections can be confusing for female partners, because most women assume that erections are a result of sexual arousal. Otherwise, why would a man have one? (more…)

Dick pics don’t usually do the trick

This week’s best kiss

“Is this gross?” question of the week

QUESTION: I like to swallow my own semen. Is this gross?

ANSWER: Most males have tasted their own semen, but I’m not so sure the average guy rushes home each night to fap and gulp.

Shameless self-promotion…

Penis size in real life vs. porn

If your girlfriend has a younger brother…

Your sperm making machine is more easily damaged than we had previously thought

Researchers are blaming more cases of male infertility on sports-related injuries than we had previously assumed. Here are some great cups that you won’t find at WalMart: Shock Doctor and Spider Flex Cup

Excellent oral sex advice

Have a fine weekend, and don’t forget the condoms!

Add some depth to your bullpen

These images are from one of the few porn sites that can help you become a better lover: It has both penis and vulva massage.

What’s a guy to do?

Relationships do not randomly sustain themselves

Register as a sex offender for life because you did WHAT?

Are irritated and possibly infected labia worth a smooth shave?

Have a happy Hump Day!

The seminal vesicles are located inside the pelvis, above the prostate gland

So how much do the testicles contribute?

Don’t forget to exercise!

Up to 20% of young women experience pain during intercourse…

Excellent resource for gay men

Be sure to visit

Oral sex reality check…

Is it the kiss that makes the man?

Women’s genitals change when they are aroused

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