Men’s nipples can enjoy being kissed, too

Bean sprouts and semen

Or why does semen smell like bean sprouts?

Because both contain spermine, which is what gives them a bleach-like smell. The spermine in semen is made by the prostate gland. No one knows where the spermine in bean sprouts comes from.

Sex ed should never be boring!

Links for Condom Sampler Packs

Here’s the most extensive list of links for condoms you’ll ever find: (more…)

Don’t let the producers of porn own your imagination

If you don’t have a real-life lover to think about when you’re masturbating, try stroking it to a person or situation you create in your own mind. Otherwise, you’re just surrendering your imagination to the producers of porn.

To give a no-swallow blow job

Focus your lips on the frenulum, which is the most sensitive part of the penis, and it will feel like a regular blow job or close to it. Also, cup your fingers around the rest of the penis and keep it warm with your hot breath.

This also works well when a guy is on the huge side and it’s uncomfortable to get him in your mouth.

Help support this website!

Sex educators and therapists call “The Guide” one of the best books on sex ever written. It is also the sole source of support for this website.

CLICK HERE for the book’s page on

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Pillows can be the best sex aids ever

For some women, this will help increase sensation. For others it won’t.

There are times when school or work come first

Image from the excellent DCFukIt website.

Vaginas don’t only get wet during sex

Our gynecology consultant says a lot of women with healthy vaginas believe they should only get wet when they are sexually aroused. This is not true.

If you are concerned about your vagina, be sure to see a healthcare provider. But also be aware that it’s perfectly normal for a woman’s vagina to get wet when she’s not thinking about sex.

For outer space–the latest technology. Between your legs, not so much.

Priorities are interesting…

Testicles raise up right before ejaculation

We have no idea why testicles raise up just before and during ejaculation. But for some reason, they do, and in some men, they raise up way more than in others.

It’s Wednesday!

Nipples can get hard from pain as well as pleasure

Don’t assume. Always ask.

Nature’s sex toy

Protect yourself and your partners!

HIV transmission can be high in these situations. And it’s through the roof when drugs are involved.

If you don’t know, ask!

And if she doesn’t know, try it different ways. Then you’ll learn together.

A tipped uterus can make certain positions painful

Don’t assume that because your last partner loved rear entry, your next one will. Some positions will feel more comfortable for a woman depending on whether her uterus is “normal” or “tipped.” (more…)

Your seminal vesicles hard at work

The seminal vesicles are located inside the pelvis, above the prostate.

From our sex survey–A woman talks about her sex fantasies

Horizontal deployment!

Highly effective, hassle free birth control!

IUDs are great for teenagers and young women. No pills to remember (or forget). IUDs are usually very safe, easily removable, and more effective than the pill. Women rate them very highly for user satisfaction.

Campus life

Cleanliness is next to godliness.

There are plenty of ways to enjoy sex without having intercourse

Not the same tissue!

The hood of the clitoris and labia minora look like they are made from the same tissue, but they aren’t.

Same Tissue: Clitoral Hood and Foreskin of the Penis

It makes sense that these two structures are made from the same tissue.

Same Tissue: Labia Minora and Head of the Penis

Most people don’t know that the inner lips and head of the penis are made from the same tissue.

The Tumblr Superstar Image Club

Is there any way to predict which images will become hits on Tumblr?

Happy Halloween!

There’s more to the clitoris than meets the eye

All of these structures are sexually reactive, which means they fill with blood when a woman is sexually aroused. This is one reason why it’s so important for lovers to explore and give each other feedback.

This is something you’ll never appreciate if your source of sex ed is porn.

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